Loyola Marymount Bagpipe Player And Drummer

Loyola Marymount Bagpipe Player And Drummer

Bagpipes and Drums Perform At Loyola Marymount College-West Los Angeles-June 2017

Bagpipe Player and Drummer, aka www.bagpipeplayers.com performed at LMU for a very well done graduation ceremony. The positive energy was alive and well and thanks to the idea of Principal Sharon Weir, who is without question from Scotland, with the so very traditional accent, to have bagpipes and drums lead the march in of the graduates. Bagpipers and small bands including drums and drum majors have been used over modern history to bring attention to ceremonies and events such as graduations, memorials and parades. Often church service and July 4th events use bagpipe players and drums to make an impressive sound and look.

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  1. This annual event is perfect for bagpipe players and drummers. Please call Harry Farrar for bagpipes.