Los angeles Bagpiper Video Samples. 

These are just a few Bagpiper Video Samples from Scottish Pipes and Drums, in the Los Angeles area. Bagpipers perform for weddings and memorials – many times a month. is invited to bagpipe, drum and dance regularly- from Santa Barbara to San Diego- from Malibu to Palm Springs.

It is reassuring to know that the bagpiper you have selected has the personality and creativity to make your event truly unique! Scottish Pipes & Drums has been performing in the SoCal for more than 50 years. Dancers are also available to perform the famous “Highland Sword Dance” or the “Irish Jig.” 

Bagpiper Southern California


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  1. Pipe Major Harry Farrar has a son who also is an excellent piper and tune writer with published songs.

  2. Scottish Bagpipes and Drums has played over the years for several events including my daughter’s wedding and my surprise birthday. What a great looking group with lots of stage and entertaining presence.