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Call Now +1 (818) 716-7522  Scottish Bagpipes and Drums © 2021  | Los Angeles | Ventura

Located in Woodland Hills, California, and play events from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and from Malibu to Palm Springs. So-Cal Service Area

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Hire One Piper –  Or A Small Mini-Band.  Scottish Pipes & Drums is a Scottish bagpipe band for hire, based in Woodland Hills, California. We perform regularly from Santa Barbara to San Diego, from Malibu to Palm Springs. Ventura county has a wonderful climate that is great for bagpipes!

We have performed for the music and movie industry as well as television, including appearances on Jay Leno, Lassie, Home Improvement and musical presences for Honda, Rod Stewart, How To Tame a Dragon and many others.

Most importantly, our group has been blessed to be part of  many hundreds of weddings over the years and we have enjoyed making new life long friends. of course the reality of pipes at funerals has also been a roll for our group.

St Patrick’s Day has been a great time for the band for more than 45 years!  

With the launch of we have made it easy for the potential customer to come directly to our group for the highest quality of performer and at the right price. Don’t pay commissions with Gigmasters or Gigsalad. We answer the phone on the first ring! Seven days a week.

The most special events in your life or those of your friends and family NEED to have a top bagpiper and not a student. Unfortunately to most people it is difficult to determine a talented performer and entertainer with the bagpipe and finding out at the event….well it is too late!   #bagpiperventura  #bagpiperlosangeles

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See Harry Farrar VI live from 2016 -Since then he has won several awards and has performed over 100 successful events

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