Bapiper For Hire Performs at 94th AeroSquadron

Van Nuys, CA April 30th —“Scottish Pipes and Drums”  who are Bagpipers for Hire, was invited to perform at a private, yet spectacular memorial service for famed personality Bob Flaherty at the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant and banquet center. Attendees gathered outside along the runway concourse to see a special fly-by ceremony. Clay Lacy and his vintage DC3 with the UNITED logo, was just one of the planes to be demonstrated with multiple passes over the runway. It was especially incredible that Van Nuys Airport was temporarily closed for this several minute aviation extravaganza. The most outstanding demonstration was a surprise fly-by of a P51 Mustang at eye level and 100 feet away from the security fence. This was the most brief part of the show, as the vintage war bird was traveling at 390 Knots! Scottish Bagpipes and Drums is in discussions with the 94th Aero Squadron management looking at arranging future performances on possible dates such as St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Sunday Brunches.

The 94th A.S. is a real gem in the San Fernando Valley and is an exciting destination for all ages.


H and H 94th