Bagpipe Player performs for LA Lakers March 17th While 30,000 Watch

Staples Center, Los Angeles-March 17 2017–The vice president of the LA Lakers organization invited bagpipe player Harry Farrar to perform the US national anthem Star Spangled Banner on the bagpipe, center court for the opening of St. Patrick’s Day’s basket ball game. Millions of TV viewers and over 20,000 fans in the audience enjoyed this special rendition of the famous anthem on the solo bagpipe. Great job LA Lakers! Harry Farrar has been performing the bagpipes and drums with his group “Scottish Pipes and Drums” located in the west San Fernando Valley since 1981. With many thousands of great performances, Harry has been on several TV shows, music recordings as well as commercials. Please contact or call +1 (818) 716-7522.

Bagpipe Player Harry Farrar


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