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Scottish Bagpipes and Drums is based in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles. Expert Pipers have been performing for parties, weddings and memorials with top notch skill- many times a month-since 1981. This group is the most experienced, professional and reliable in SoCal. The customer has a wide choice of options including a solo bagpiper or a band up to 100!  Scottish and Irish dancers are also available to perform the famous “Highland Sword Dance” or the “Irish Jig.”  Scottish Pipes & Drums has been performing in Southern California for 50 years. Make your event unique and memorable!

Our clients have included: Rod Stewart. Honda. “How To Tame a Dragon”, Jay Leno. Onion Field, Home Improvement.  Lassie, “Kids Songs” video, Sean Connery,  Cheers TV Parties, Russell Crow on Warner Brothers Set. Private Bagpiper for Charleston Heston’s Memorial Service. Kevin Leyland, Fritz Coleman (NBC4). Casey Kasem. Jan Hammer- Miami Vice. Dennis Weaver-McCloud. HBO- Spike Lee. Sheana Easton—and so many more.

Scottish Pipes & Drums has an extensive digital library and would be pleased to email files for your listening. Appointments for specific requests are also available. Scottish Pipes & Drums has Bagpipers for hire and drummers.

Pipers perform regularly in the Southern California region, Ventura and Santa Barbara. Members of this group have performed for the music and movie industry. as well as television, including appearances on Jay Leno, American Housewives, Lassie, Home Improvement and musical presences for Honda, Rod Stewart, How To Tame a Dragon and many others. Most importantly, our group has been blessed to be part of  many hundreds of weddings over the years and we have enjoyed making new life long friends. of course the reality of pipes at funerals has also been a roll for our group.

This yearly tradition of St. Patrick’s Day has been a great time for the band for more than 50 years!  With the launch of this website, it is easy for the potential customer to come directly to our group for the highest quality of performers and at the right valued price. Call for immediate pricing.